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A sofa is an essential part of your living room. If you buy a new sofa, you must take into account its design and its upholstery, which is important to give your décor the look which you are looking for. Aesthetics are vital be it your living room or your office reception. The choice of fabric for the sofa is also important in considering use, the image you want to create and of course the price. Sofa Fabric can range from budget to expensive as for most people, a balance between the two roles. If you have children at home and your family members use the sofa a lot, you may want a strong, durable fabric that will withstand heavy abuse, spills and stains while being easy to clean and caring. You want clothes that will look new and beautiful for years without any signs of wear. One of the prominent Sofa Fabric Dealers in Bangalore, Curtains Bangalore can help you choose from a wide range of imported fabric sofa set for the living room in Bangalore.

Sofa Fabric Dealers in Bangalore

 In such cases, the best fabric is rot crape, a strong woven fabric made from textured polyester yarn. It has great weight, strong fabric, doesn’t attract dust and looks great. Plain matt fabric is also suitable for use as a sofa bed, especially if used intensively. The woven fabric gives your bed a beautiful look and you won’t see anybody marks. Another option is a small dot fabric that gives a unique look with its different dot patterns. This strong and durable polyester fabric is resistant to abrasion, mildew and stains. Both are good if you are on a budget or need to replace the cover in a few years due to heavy use by family members.

Here are some things you can consider while choosing sofa fabric:

  • Strength of the fabric

When you are considering fabric, you need to think about its durability. Cotton-like leather is durable and does not wear out easily. Leather also lasts a long time and is very stylish, but it can be beaten or scratched; Velvets and microfibers are very soft and comfortable, but they can wear or soften over time. In general, cotton and linen seem to last longer between fabrics, but they are hard to clean. Therefore, it is about what you need most in the fabric of your sofa.

  • Texture of the fabric

Whether your family with children or pets is a little more, or you often have accidents with food and drinks, you can choose a bed that is easy to clean. Leather and similar types of synthetic leather are easy to clean and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. However, if it is damaged, it is more difficult to remove than other fabrics. Stains are easy to remove from cotton and linen, however, for daily cleaning of dirt, dust or animal hair, which requires at least vacuuming and can become tedious. It is probably better in any case to get a dark colored fabric or at least a bright fabric with a dark pattern. This will hide the stain and save you from having to constantly clean and sanitize your bed. When shopping for custom sofas, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of all your fabric options, so that once it’s done, you can enjoy your beautiful sofa for years to come.


  • User comforts

Some of the things to consider are the main functions of the sofa if the sofa fits their lifestyle, the color of the sofa according to your needs, the size of the room, the type of comfort, the appropriateness of sofa and durability of the sofa. These make it easier for the users since they can get their comfort in their own way. If you know what you want, go for quality.


Sofas play a big role in family life, remove it from your home and you will soon notice the difference. It is the center of many rooms and many people try to match the look of their sofa with the look of their home. There are many types of sofas in the market, including recliner sofas, corner sofas, fabric sofas and leather sofas, and it is important that you make the most sensible and practical choice for your Home.

The Fabric Sofas has the advantage of being available in different shapes and colors, but also has the disadvantage of being difficult to clean if someone spills something on it. However, most covers can now be removed and machine washed. They are also adaptable, so if you are tired of the current look of your sofa or it is starting to look a little outdated, then you can easily change the cover and create a new look different.

Choosing the right material for your sofas should not be taken lightly.  Organizing or listing some important things that will help you reduce your time and resources. Choose the fabric based on who will be using your sofa, will you be using it with your family or will you be sharing it with your pets? If your answer is yes, you should consider using microfiber or leather as they can withstand heavy use and are easy to maintain. Attention should be paid to choosing solid fabrics if you plan to place your sofa in the main corridor of your home, i.e. your bedroom or living room where you are most likely to be. is your guest.

Choosing fabric can be a good idea since they last longer because they have a higher thread count, which helps to last longer. The clothes you choose should support the sofa it will cover, for example, choose traditional fabrics for traditional furniture and choose modern fabrics to complement modern furniture. Choosing fabrics and patterns can be difficult as you need to consider the size of the pattern and your environment. If you decide to choose a fabric that is made into a material, you need to plan where you will put your sofas, for example, a fabric will blend well in a large room and small accessories will be good in a small room. Here comes the point, color selection, Consider your surroundings. For example, choose a color that can work well with the color of your walls and other decorative items around your home.


Whatever you choose to prepare your sofa fabrics, it is important to make sure that your final product will complement your existing room and add something to the interior design. With an almost infinite number of alternative fabrics, leathers and upholstery available on the market, you are sure to find something that will suit your style and taste.Avoid choosing light-colored fabrics if your sofas are often used around children and pets to save you the trouble of cleaning later. Another important thing is to avoid choosing colors and patterns that are popular if you are a person who likes them a lot because colors and patterns change frequently due to the changing lifestyle of our generation always.

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